“All of us do not have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents” – John Kennedy
Content Research & Development
TALENTREE curricula have been designed based on the intensive research carried out by the content development team among various industry professionals and academic experts. TALENTREE course materials have been meticulously designed and developed on par with industry standards for international learners. The Subject Matter Experts and instructional designers have carefully developed the course materials in line with the various taxonomies to ensure proper understanding and acquiring of the skills in the cognitive domain.

TALENTREE has developed various course materials, pedagogical tools, case studies, problems & solutions and question banks based on the various educational taxonomies, which would give the learners an easy, effective and enjoyable experience.

TALENTREE employs a holistic approach and it concentrated on both technical skills and soft skills. The technical skills cover core computing skills and latest technological skills. The soft skills provide a rich learning experience for the learners in terms of language skills, communication skills, aptitude, Leadership, and other skills required in the industry.
Course Course Title Duration
Code (in Hours)
TTPL01 C Programming Language 40
TTPL02 Objected Oriented Programming using C++ 40
TTPL03 Advanced Java Pro 40
TTPL04 Advanced .NET Pro 40
TTPL05 LAMP Pro 50
TTCS01 Data structures using C 40
TTCS02 Digital Logic Fundamentals 40
TTCS03 Database Management Systems 40
TTCS04 Operating Systems 30
TTCS05 Computer System Architecture 30
TTCS06 Structured Systems Analysis & Design 30
TTCS07 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 30
TTCS08 Software Testing 40
TTCS09 Software Engineering & Quality Management 40
TTCA01 Microsoft Word 20
TTCA02 Microsoft Excel 20
TTCA03 Microsoft PowerPoint 20
TTCA04 Microsoft Access 20
TTSS01 Essentials of English Grammar & Communication 25
TTSS02 Personality Enrichment 25
TTSS03 Behavioral & Managerial Skills 25
TTSS04 Aptitude Training 25
TTSS05 Personality Development 25
TTSS06 Group Discussion & Interview Skills 10
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