“All of us do not have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents” – John Kennedy
RESEARCH & Consultancy
TALENTREE champions, cultivates and nourishes research and consultancy activities on institutional and individual basis. Areas of study include Skill Gap Analysis, Curriculum Research and Evaluation, Industry-based Curricula Development, Pedagogical Research, Education Market Research and Employability Research.

TALENTREE follows an interventionist approach based on the various educational taxonomies to help influence practice through its consulting and research. The workshops, seminars and training programs offered by the TALENTREE provide a unique opportunity for the participants to update.

TALENTREE offers the latest solution package to Industry and Academia, which would help them build a strong work-force and knowledge resources.

Skill Gap Analysis: TALENTREE works very closely with leading Industry professionals, Academic Experts and Educational researchers to identify the skill gap that exists between the academic output and industry requirement. TALENTREE recommends the ways and methods to be followed by the educationalists to address the skill gap among the students and entry level employees.

Curriculum Research and Evaluation: TALENTREE assesses and evaluates the curricula and advocates a systematic change in the curricula to maintain International standards among the learners.

Industry-based Curricula Development: According to various statistics, over 75% of Indian students are not job-ready. To mitigate this challenge, TALENTREE designs industry-relevant curricula, focusing on the skill components along with knowledge components. The framework encourages learning in a work environment as well as course work. It focuses on what is expected of the person in applying what they have learnt, and embodies the ability to transfer and apply skills and knowledge to new situations and environments. The students who follow the proposed framework would be well-equipped for the jobs and could compete in the global arena.

Pedagogical Research: The higher education teachers need to be facilitated on the various pedagogical tools and training methods to effectively train the students of new generation. TALENTREE empowers the teachers by providing solutions to the Teaching-learning process. TALENTREE also provides in-depth teaching evaluation and mentors the teachers to adapt to digital teaching environment.

Education Market Research: Higher Education has become highly competitive and the institutions are faced with immense pressure to maintain the standards to stay ahead of others. The major parameters that the institutions need to consider are: Branding market research, Student acquisition and retention, Students need assessment, Teacher acquisition and retention, and economic impact studies. TALENTREE research group helps the higher education institutions to address these issues and be a true winner in the education market.

Employability Research: The recent changes in the higher education and the need for quality human resources have an impact on the employability of graduates in different industries. Students need to possess workplace skills. TALENTREE identifies the different employment opportunities for the higher education students and connects them to the suitable industry.
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