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“All of us do not have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents” – John Kennedy
Technology-based blended learning solution for Corporate Professionals

TALENTREE specializes in offering self paced computer technology training solutions skillfully designed to meet the career based requirements of the IT and ITES Professionals. Based on the various taxonomies of Education Technology, instructor led lectures combined with the latest state-of the-art technological trends in e-learning provide contemporary training curriculums aptly guided by academic professionals and industry experts.

TALENTREE converges on technical training and soft skills training for entry-level employees and mid-level managers. Distinguished TALENTREE instructors are highly experienced, best prepared and the most resourceful mentors in the training industry. Averaging over 20 years of professional experience, they continue to excel in the fields they teach, thereby sharing their vast knowledge of real-world expertise.

TALENTREE courses have been developed through a scrupulous, time-tested process that ensures every course is practical, relevant and up to date. The development teams include outstanding subject matter experts, from industry, academia and research institutions, based on their years of experience into course content and lecture delivery for the transfer of skills and knowledge to the participants,

TALENTREE creates a unique classroom ambience blended with quality learning thereby enabling the learners to acquire mastery over the subjects. Also, as the eminent instructors at TALENTREE comprehend the knack of the lecturing art, they involve the learners in great training exercises, driving the motto of TALENTREE – Learning by Doing. Hands on practical sessions come in handy during such lectures.

TALENTREE senses that learners as a team overcome individual confinements and learn faster resulting in enabling the learners, master the tools and techniques more quickly, with greater depth and efficiency. The courses offered by TALENTREE have been carefully edged as packages combined of value based exercises and group activities to create social involvement, encourage team work and simulate real-world environment.

TALENTREE Education Centers are designed to optimize, ease and effectively increase the learning comfort. Along with the state–of–the–art equipment, the support documents necessary for the success of a learner is offered at TALENTREE. Nevertheless, when TALENTREE Courses are requested at individual work places, the quality environment and support documents would be delivered with no less quality and excellence.
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